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Vision of BAZ

To become the effective facilitator and regulator to national instruments and institutions for projecting a great and united Zimbabwe based on African identity and values through broadcasting.

Mission Statement

1. To create an environment that promotes the development of a local dynamic broadcasting industry, which provides quality services, that are universally available and affordable.

2. To effectively manage the licensing process and the broadcasting frequency spectrum to safeguard public interest and national sovereignty.

3.To ensure compliance with the law as well as international telecommunications and broadcasting treaties to which Zimbabwe is a signatory to.

4. To cooperate with other national and international regulatory bodies.

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Our Functions

a) to plan and advise on the allocation and and distribution of the available frequency spectrum ,for which purpose it shall have regard to the provisions for the planning of broadcasting service bands

b) to advice the minister on the adoption and establishment of standards and codes relating to equipment attached to broadcasting systems

c) to receive ,evaluate and consider applications for the issue of any broadcasting license or signal carrier license

d) to monitor tariffs charged by broadcasting licensees with a view to eliminating unfair business practices among such licensees and to protect the interests of consumers

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