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Our Functions

a) to plan and advise on the allocation and and distribution of the available frequency spectrum ,for which purpose it shall have regard to the provisions for the planning of broadcasting service bands

b) to advice the minister on the adoption and establishment of standards and codes relating to equipment attached to broadcasting systems

c) to receive ,evaluate and consider applications for the issue of any broadcasting license or signal carrier license

d) to monitor tariffs charged by broadcasting licensees with a view to eliminating unfair business practices among such licensees and to protect the interests of consumers

e) to advice the Minister on ways of improving and promoting a regulatory environment that will facilitate the environment the development of a broadcasting industry in a Zimbabwe that is efficient,competitive and responsive to audience needs and the national interests

f) to encourage diversity in the control of broadcasting services

g) to ensure that Zimbabweans have effective control of broadcasting services or systems

h) to ensure the role of broadcasting services and systems in developing and reflecting a sense of Zimbabwe identity,character and cultural diversity

i) to promote the provision of high quality and innovative programming by providers of broadcasting services

j) to encourage providers of commercial and community broadcasting services and systems to be responsive to the need for a fair and accurate coverage of matters of public interest and for an appropriate coverage of matters of local significance

k) to encourage providers of broadcasting services and systems to respect community standards and values in the provision of programme material

l) to ensure the provision of means for addressing complaints about broadcasting services

m) to ensure that the providers of broadcasting services places a high priority on the protection of children from exposure to programme material which may be harmful to them ; and

n) to ensure compliance with the Broadcasting Service Act Chapter ( 12:06) and license conditions and,where empowered ,to enforce the provisions of this Act;
o) to monitor and track the use of the broadcasting service bands ;

p) generally ,to advice the Minister on all matters relating to broadcasting systems and services ;

q) subject to this act, carryout any function or act as may be prescribed by the Minister