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Content Department

The main activities of the broadcast content compliance department are directed at monitoring the content of broadcasting licensees for compliance with the content conditions as provided by the Broadcasting Services Act and the Broadcasting Services (Licensing and Content) Regulations. The content obligations placed on broadcasting licensees are an important means to promote a sense of Zimbabwean national identity through programmes that respect community standards and values and promote peace and national cohesion. The focus of the department’s work is to ensure the application, in the case of radio and television licensees,

of standards that provide adequate protection to members of the public and especially to children from offensive and harmful material. This could be in programmes, music and advertisements. To achieve this, the department analyzes material broadcast and prepares assessment reports that show licensees’ level of compliance with local content conditions and other areas of content regulations. 
The department has a responsibility to monitor licensees offering radio services for compliance with the 75 % quota on Zimbabwean music and a ten percent quota on music from Africa. Providers of television services are also expected to comply with a 75% television content and material from Africa quota which must be met by television licensees during the performance period, prime time and the period before and after performance period. There are also content conditions for different programme categories for example drama, current affairs, social documentaries, informal knowledge- building, educational and children’s programming. Local content conditions for African languages other than Shona and Ndebele, for people with a hearing impairment and a 40% quota for independent productions are part of the conditions that are placed on broadcasters.