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Legal and Corporate Affairs

The Legal and Corporate Affairs Department’s main function is to advise the BAZ Board and Management on any legal issues which affect the Authority. The department also has the duty to ensure compliance and advise on the licensing process in terms of Section 10 of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06] and to ensure that broadcasting licensees comply with the provisions of the Act and to enforce the penalties in the event of breach. The department is also responsible for providing advise on ways of improving and promoting a regulatory environment that facilitates the development of a broadcasting industry in Zimbabwe which is efficient, competitive and responsive to audience needs and national interest.


The Legal and Corporate Affairs Department is also responsible for drafting codes of conduct which promote the provision of high quality innovative programmes which reflect a sense of Zimbabwean identity, character and cultural diversity and drafting licences which fully encompass all the relevant provisions of the Act. The department also ensures that the Authority is up to date with international legal and regulatory conventions. The department also performs the secretarial duties for the Authority.