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Content Conditions


1. Broadcast content objectives

In exercising their duties, broadcasting licensees shall ensure that their programming complies with the following objectives.

- Reflecting a Zimbabwean national identity.

- Respecting community standards and values.

- Reporting on matters of local significance.

- Promoting peace, stability and national cohesion.

- Preserving the national security and integrity of Zimbabwe.

- Placing a high priority in the protection of children.

- Promoting quality programming.

2. Content Conditions: Terms and conditions of licence

Terms and conditions of licence set out in the Broadcasting Services Act Chapter [12:06] and other relevant legislation.

- Make one hour cumulatively per week of its broadcasting time available to Government to explain its policies.

- Observe and comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act [Chapter 26:01].

- Broadcast any matter that contains any false and misleading news.

- Be regulated by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Media Coverage of Elections), Regulations of 2008 during an election period.

- Be subject to the provisions of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act [Chapter 10:27] in regard to the conduct and accreditation of journalists employed by them.

3. Public service obligations

Public service obligations for broadcasting licensees.

- Provide information and facilities to enable a person to communicate with an emergency organization.

- Provide sufficient coverage of national events.

- Provide an information service that is fair, balanced, and accurate and complete.

4. Local Content Conditions

Local content quotas for television broadcasting licensees.

- 75 percent local television content and material from Africa every week during the performance period.

- Specific programme categories e.g. 75% drama, 80% educational, 80% current affairs, etc.

- Forty per centum of local television content programming consists of programmes which are independent television productions.

- 10 percent of total programming broadcast to be in National languages other than Shona and Ndebele.

- 10 percent of total programming broadcast for people with a hearing impairment.

Local content quotas for radio broadcasting licensees.

- 75 percent quota of Zimbabwean music every week during performance period.

- 10 percent quota of music from Africa every week during performance period.

- 10 percent of total programming broadcast to be in National languages other than Shona and Ndebele.


5. Broadcasting Services (Licensing and Content ) Regulations,2004

Other obligations include the following:

- Publishing of programme schedules, quarterly schedules, transmission reports, music play lists, complaints handling and record keeping - see attached Broadcasters’ Reporting Format.



1.         Programme Schedules

Publish in a national newspaper at least one month of programme schedule in advance. (Section 34(1) of the Regulations)

-Indicate date programme schedule was published for television and radio  channels.



Station name




xx   : name of paper

xxx: date published

2. Quarterly Schedules

Submit advance quarterly schedules 14 days before each quarter. (Section 34(3) of the Regulations)

(i) Television

-Indicate the programme genre.

-Give a synopsis of the programme.

-Indicate broadcast time taking into account the following:

“Family viewing or listening” period.

“Watershed” period.

“Adult viewing and listening” period.

(ii) Radio

-Indicate programme name.

-Indicate broadcast time taking into account the following:

“Family listening” period.

“Watershed” period.

“Adult listening” period.


Date of submission

Station name


1st quarter

2nd quarter

3rd quarter

4th quarter

3.         Transmission reports and music play lists

Transmission reports and music play lists should be submitted to the Authority within 7 days after the end of each month. (Section 34 (3) (b) of the  Regulations).

-Indicate date and time of transmission

-Indicate programme transmission date detailing all changes to the original schedule.

- List all songs played, including artists names.

  1. Sponsorship and Advertising Content

- Deposit with the Authority a sponsorship policy. (Section 20 of the Regulations)

-Submit log sheets detailing time and duration of advertisements and  infomercials.

5.      Complaints Handling

(i). Submit to the Authority a complaints handling procedure document. (Section 40 of the Act, Section 31 of the Regulations) which shows the following:

-Adequate procedures of receiving complaints.

-How the station maintains sufficient procedures for receiving oral complaints and complaints through other media.

- The time frames of responding to complaints.

-Indicate to the Authority the officer responsible for complaints handling.

(ii). Keep a record of all complaints made by consumers and make the record available for inspection at the request of the Authority.

(iii). Advise complainants of their right to refer their complaints to the Authority if their complaint is not remedied.

(iv). If there are any complaints that the broadcaster find difficult to handle, please refer them to the Authority.

(v). Use demographic information to categorize complaints (city, town, age, gender etc)

6.        Record Keeping

-Maintain copies of all off-air transmission recordings for at least a six month period after which these are surrendered to the National Archives. Make the record available for inspection by the Authority at its request. (Section 41 of the  Act, Section 34 (4) of the Regulations)

-provide a catalogue of programmes sent to the National Archives of Zimbabwe at any given time that they have sent that catalogue.

-the catalogue should be stamped